Would you fancy a birthday party for your child here on the farm? We would be very happy to organize everything for you.

To be shown around on the farm, to have a look at the animals (cows, calves, sheep, goats, rabbits, a horse, pigs and poultry) and perhaps to help with the feeding would be a great experience for the children. We can also organize treasure hunting on our nature path. If the weather is for outdoor activities, the children can use the play ground and the moon cars. On such an occasion there will of course be free entrance to the MULTI BARN. We will set a gaily decorated birthday table and you will have the choice between various birthday menus.

A birthday party here on the farm will be an unforgettable and funny experience for your child. We will do our best to make everything easy for you – and don’t worry about the cleaning up: we will take care of that after the party.



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